Our Team


Friendly team members who are here to help!

Our onsite team is  available  to answer any of your fitness and wellness questions. Feel free to contact us below to ask questions or set up an appointment or come on down to the fitness center to meet us!


Jasmin Mitchell

My name is Jasmin Mitchell and I am the Manager at Elevate Fitness and Wellness. I am a mindfulness fitness and wellness instructor. My mission is to help you establish a healthy connection between your body and mind, to achieve your fitness goals.
High school to college- athlete, model, and dancer
Working experience- sport rehab, acupuncture- holistic health and wellness, medical assistant (allied health), bartender
Ashtanga Yoga Instructor for 2 years, Certified cosmetologist
Pursuing my personal training, nutrition, and life coach certification

Nikki Fedoruk

My name is Nikki Fedoruk. I am a Mom to 2 beautiful daughters, and former hairstylist. My fitness journey started with  attending my first Zumba class, 10 years ago. I became licensed to teach it shortly thereafter. From that license, I learned to teach all things aquatics, and then earned my Personal training certification. I am also passionate at creating art, and serving as a vocalist on my worship team at church.